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European Commission initiatives

Marketplace – European Innovation Partnership on Healthy and Active Ageing.
The marketplace of the EIP AHA is the platform where stakesholders of the European health sector shares information on innovation regarding healthy and active ageing, eg. care, prevention and treatment of elderly citizens.

CORAL members EU projects

CASA – Regions for smart living
The European Interreg IVC project CASA is about the development of regional policy and exchange of knowledge around the up scaling of innovative ICT and services for independent living. Demographic changes make it necessary to organise the care and housing of senior citizens and chronically ill in a smarter way including the use of ICT. This also gives opportunities for innovative companies to develop new tools and services.

ITHACA - InnovaTion in Health And Care for All
In the Interreg Europe project ITHACA, nine regions from the EU share experiences and good practices on smart health and care innovation to improve active and healthy ageing of the population. A key aim is to refine regional policies in order to support innovative businesses, create growth and scale the deployment of innovative health and care solutions. In the end, the result is smarter healthcare policies and stronger regional and interregional ecosystems for the benefit of European citizens.