What is CORAL doing?

Coral connects stakeholders in the regional networks and innovation clusters for partner searches in European projects and tenders. Coral successfully connects regional stakeholders – like universities, companies, municipalities, care institutions etc. – all over Europe that are now collaborating in FP7, Interreg, AAL Joint Programme and CIP ICT PSP projects.

The community promotes the active participation of its members in the EIP AHA by collecting and translating regional experience and best practices. Coral and its members are actively participating in – and sometimes coordinate – the Action Groups A1, A2, A3, B3, C2 and D4.

The network frequently holds presentations at and contributes to the debate at conferences, seminars, workshops and other events all over Europe. For example at the AAL Forum, E-Health week, annual EIP AHA conference, Open Days of Regions and Cities and several national and regional conferences.

Initiate and run projects financed by Interreg, CIP ICT PSP or FP7. Coral and its members have successfully applied for the Interreg IVC project CASA and the CIP ICT PSP Thematic Network ENGAGED:

  • The CASA project is about the development of regional policy and exchange of knowledge about the large-scale implementation of innovative ICT and services for independent living. Demographic changes make it necessary to organise the care and residential environment of senior citizens and chronically ill smarter with the use of ICT. This also provides opportunities for innovative companies to develop new tools and services.
  • Coral is content manager of the CIP ICT PSP Thematic Network ENGAGED. This project aims to build a learning community of stakeholders who cooperate to promote the transferability of evidence, as well as common strategies, for wider deployment and market development of active and healthy ageing services.
  • Coral regions are part of SmartCare, a CIP ICT PSP project that will explore and demonstrate the added value – and promote the wider adoption – of integrated care through piloting the deployment of ICT supported care services in 10 regions.

Coral member regions participate in several other European networks – like the AER, Euregha and Errin – through which they connect to a wider group of stakeholders in the field of Ambient Assisted Living and Active & Healthy Ageing. Coral also has co-productions and warm cooperation with networks like the AER, Errin and Euregha. Coral is a dynamic network and therefore always open to new collaborations and alliances.

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What is CORAL?

Main ambitions of CORAL