Join the ITHACA Co-design and ecosystem seminar in Krakow

When it comes to creating better, healthier and more active living for ageing citizens, there are many questions that needs answering. It can therefore be beneficial to learn from others, especially thought regions who has established a solid ecosystem in active and healthy ageing and social care.

On 5th June in Krakow, ITHACA will present best practices and establish guidelines on building an effective ecosystem within health and care. This means the event look into how collaboration is organised between regions, municipalities, and other regional actors in European regions. A few places are still available.

The ITHACA Co-design and ecosystem seminar will take place as part of the 8th Malopolska Innovation Festival, where the theme for this year is “Social Innovation”.

Participants will also be presented to best practice examples of innovative solutions that are a direct product of working together between multiple stakeholders in health and care. The practice and guidelines presented are based on experiences from the nine ITHACA partner regions and other European stakeholders. The ITHACA partners will further present the lessons, they have learned during the first 18 months of the project.

See the full program for the event here.

To join the event, please contact: Astrid Kaag, Lead partner.

The ITHACA project is about nine EU regions that join forces to share experiences and good practices on smart health and care innovation, with the aim to improve active and healthy ageing of the population.




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