ITHACA Kick-Off: Exploring best policy settings for Smart Health and Care Solutions

The ITHACA kick off meeting will take place on 25th October in Eindhoven back to back with Dutch Design Week. The ITHACA project is about nine EU regions that join forces to share experiences and good practices on smart health and care innovation, with the aim to improve active and healthy ageing of the population.

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During the project’s five years, the ITHACA consortium will learn and inspire from sharing experience on their challenges, solutions and policies, with the aim of generating and implementing an action plan to improve policies for scaling up and validation of smart ICT (Information and Communications Technology) solutions for active ageing within multi stakeholder ecosystems.

The peer evaluator feedback will help the regions find inspiration for further improvements of their innovation efforts: at a policy level, on ways to organise stakeholder collaboration and inclusion and with concrete transfers of innovative solutions between regions. In the end, the result is smarter healthcare policies and stronger regional and interregional ecosystems for the benefit of European citizens.

ITHACA is funded by Interreg Europe, part of the European Regional Development Fund, European Union.


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