Award for Excellent Smart Health Innovation – Entrepreneurs with guts and spirit

‘Living Labs and the opportunity of Impact Investment to Fuel AHA Innovations’

Award for Excellent Smart Health Innovation – entrepreneurs with guts and spirit
Wednesday 23 September 16.00 – 17.30h –
Ghent, Flanders, Belgium.

For a serious market uptake of smart solutions for independent living and integrated care more stakeholders are needed from the financial sector. Smart tools and services that are ready for scaling up have to improve their visibility to attract investors. Living labs can play a role in that. Living labs across Europe offer a smart health ecosystem that is not only needed for incubation, testing and research. Living labs can also improve the market uptake of innovative solutions of AAL and other AHA businesses. Collaboration of living labs across Europe can offer new opportunities to improve the European market entry and scaling up of solutions. How can living labs and AAL businesses tap into these opportunities to develop the AAL market and to attract investors and procurers? Innovative investment models are an important instrument necessary for start-ups and regional ecosystems, also for the next stage of bringing AAL solutions to the market.

16.00 hrs       Introduction by chair Meike de Jong, news anchor RTL News
16.05 hrs       Presentation on the Coral roadmap Impact Investment by Mariëlle Swinkels, Strategic Advisor of Brabant, region of Smart Health and Coral
16.10 hrs       AAL Innovations:  5 Pecha Kuchas by entrepreneurs, followed by spontaneous feedback of the expert panel, and representatives of living labs in the audience and the other pitching entrepreneurs

1.         BESTIC, by Catharina Borgenstierna – Bestic AB (SWE)
2.         GOLIVEPHONE, by Frank Verbeek (NL) – Gociety (NL)
3.         ALZHUP, by Rafael Espinosa de los Monteros Iglesias – Reta al Alzheimer (ESP)
4.         OBLI, by Wil Philipsen – Fresh Idea Factory (NL)
5.         COMPAAN, by Joost Hermanns- De Compaan (NL)

Expert panel:
Ivonne Berkers (BRIZ – Brabant Council for Informal Care / Mezzo and Dutch Alzheimer Association)
Brian O’Connor (Chair of European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance)
Jos Burkx (JBX! – builder and advisor on change management)
Ad Komen (Generous Minds)

17.00 hrs   Speed Dating in discovery corners: visit the entrepreneurs and get a deeper insight of the innovations presented
17.15 hrs    Voting for the winner of the title ‘Excellent Smart Health Innovation’
17.25 hrs   Prizewinning Ceremony for the winner of the title ‘Excellent Smart Health Innovation’
17.30 hrs   Track closure

Meike & Astrid s

This Coral session offers opportunities for SME’s to present their smart tools and services to a panel of experts, living labs and the public. The SME’s will not only receive direct feedback but makes a chance of being elected as the most ‘Excellent Smart Health Innovation’. The winner receives professional support in the further market uptake of hers or his product or service.

Are you an entrepreneur with a second stage* product or service for independent living?

* the second stage innovation/smart solution should be:
-       Developed in co-creation with the end user: based on user-centric design.
-       Tested on a small scale in a living lab and ready for the market
-       Scalable and applicable in diverse situations and contexts.
-       Proof of concept is available.
-       The social and economical impact is measurable: impact related to business model and expected social and economical return on investment.

A similar European event was organised on June 3rd and to get an impression check out:

Meike & Astrid l






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