World Health & Design Forum, 21-23 October 2014, Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant

Reshaping the Future of Health Care
by creating better lives for people


The World Health & Design Forum (WHDF) aims to boost social innovation and to inspire people to join forces all over the world and initiate crossover projects that contribute to active and healthy ageing and healthy living. Moreover, to boost wide scale deployment of smart care and e-health solutions that increase the level of self-management and informal care of our citizens.

Noord-Brabant, Region of Smart Health 2020 – member of Coral.

Forum venue will be Eindhoven, the heart of the high-tech region of Brainport, situated in the province of Noord-Brabant, member of Coral. The WHDF will be held against the background of the 13th edition of the Dutch Design Week, largest design event in the Netherlands with over 2,200 international and national participants and 250,000 visitors. This offers an exciting opportunity to interlink design thinking with the innovation process of smart health and care solutions, from concept to development to actual implementation and deployment.

Forum Programme

The WHDF programme will present a unique combination of design, high-tech and social innovation, and will offer inspiring keynote sessions, exciting network sessions and engaging workshops, with additionally several interesting site visits to a.o. field and skills labs in Tilburg, the region of social innovation, and Eindhoven. Also, we will be showcasing smart health (care) solutions.

Selection of our speakers:
Prof. Caroline Hummels, professor Design Theory of Intelligent Systems, dept. of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of TechnologyDr. Claudia Pagliari, senior lecturer Primary Care, University of Edinburgh
Prof. Karen Pine, director of Endless Possibilities, Do Something Different / professor of Developmental Psychology, University of Hertfordshire
Marga Hoek, author of Management Book of the Year 2014, the Netherlands
Prof. Kees Dorst, professor of Design Skills for Interaction, University of Technology, Sydney
Dr. Lucien Engelen, Director REshape Innovation Centre at Radboud University Medical Centre, the Netherlands

Three main tracks in the programme

1. Health & Industry
How to make a valuable connection between the challenges of an ageing population on the one hand and business opportunities for industry partners on the other?

 2. Social Innovation
How can we make better use of Smart Health solutions in daily life and in our working environment?

3. Healthy Living
How can we create a more active and healthy way of living for individuals and communities?

Open Space Sessions and Speakers’ Corners

Our Scientific Committee has selected the most promising pitches to be held at our Speakers’ Corners. Apart from that, there will be challenging Open Space Sessions for you to attend, focussing on wide-scale deployment of smart health innovations and news ways of regional and (inter)national collaboration as well as on cross-sectoral connections between people, to become a learning economy.

Networking Opportunities

Experts and decision makers from all over the world are expected to participate, such as policy makers, health care providers, knowledge and research institutes, hospitals, insurance companies, patient and consumer organisations and of course SMEs and industries in the field of health care and care innovation.

WHDF2014 is thé place to be for anyone involved in the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP AHA), Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme (AAL-JP), Coral, Health Cluster Europe, E-health network of Assembly of European Regions (AER) or any Interreg, CIP or FP7 project on health innovation.

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