ENGAGED Project – Workshop on innovative procurement – Call for expression of interest


Mutual Learning workshop innovative procurement for services and products for independent living and integrated care in Bari, Puglia, Italy September 4th.


Coral is part of the ENGAGED project, which is a learning community about innovative solutions for Active and Healthy Ageing. ENGAGED is a Thematic Network funded within the framework of CIP ICT PSP of the EC. The ENGAGED project organises – in collaboration with the Action Groups C2 Independent Living and B3 Integrated Care of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing – a mutual learning workshop about innovative procurement. Participation to the workshop is open for all experts in Europe. Experts from partners within ENGAGED and Coral can apply for refunding of travel and accommodation costs for their participation.


The workshop will highlight examples of current good practices and explore how these can be replicated and scaled up to support the key objectives of the EIP on AHA programme across Europe.



1. Raise awareness of the use of instruments of public procurement for the acquisition of innovative services and products for independent living and integrated care;

2. Allow mutual learning and sharing practices among mature professionals and interested stakeholders for the benefit of potential new users of the instruments;

3. Verify the possibility of integration of the innovative procurement with other innovative approaches, in particular with the Living Labs one;

4. Analyze innovative procurement tools currently in use and identify their diversity and specificity.



Sharing models and approaches of innovative procurement chosen from experiences gained among partners, stressing weaknesses and strengths characterizing them.


Possible Insights to explore:

- Which different types of innovative procurement are incorporated?

- Which aspects and situations can affect – positively or negatively – the innovative procurement process? Explore this from the perspective of the supply and demand side.

- Which are the relationships between the innovative procurement and the user empowerment? Explore the role of the living labs and its contribution to procurement. Are there active procurers in living labs involved?

- How to raise awareness on innovative procurement? Explore the use of joint collaboration models


Target Audience

Active experts on innovative procurement, public procurers, companies and research centres involved or planning to undertake the innovative procurement process related to EIP AHA Action group C2 – Development of interoperable independent living solutions and Action group B3 – replicating and tutoring integrated care for chronic diseases, including remote monitoring at regional level – and to the ENGAGED thematic network project.



Please use this link to register:



Travel Expenses

It is possible for participants from Coral regions who have to travel – especially for the mutual learning workshop to Puglia to apply – for an allocation of their travel and accommodation expenses.

For further information, please contact:


Marielle Swinkels


+31 6 13354397

Edwin Mermans


+31 6 55686574


Expected Results

A publication containing the results of the workshop with recommendations. First ideas about how to communicate the guidelines on Innovative procurement. How to transfer these insights and approaches to other regions.



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